Wall Nails

Wall Mushrooms are always come in a set in varies size XL . L . M .S , easily set on wall in a group in position you like for parking handbags, scarf ,hats or any home essentials with its nothing to hide characters. It is applied to highlight plain wall as an breathing sculptural pieces that gives lively shadows under the changing light sources. It is an initial step giving guidance for young master to learn organise once basic living from hanging their school bag at reachable level or any you like to approach everyday but at a higher height beyond kids reachable height

brand: Tolix
design origin: France
measurement: XL 18Hx14.5ø ,L H10X8.5Ø , M 9CMHx8Ø , S H7.37x.6Ø CM
material: Oven paint metal / paint