Tea Time

Tea Set which is Bold to Show but handy to carry.

Bulky Tea Pot built with a good sized stainless steel drainer not only let tea leave steep well for a rich and aromatic tea drink, it also serve well like special tea drink withRen Shen / Dried Jujube / wolfbarry adding. The wide Mouth of Bulk Tea Cup
is also good to let you seep the drink and eat the soften fruit. To serve light snack with tea, a pair of Germany Porceline round corner plate is selected to serve
as an under plate with Cookie or dry apricots.

One Oval serving tray which serve tea as well a centre piece tie up all above .

Make Moments for Tea and Coffee to grow friendships and business !

designer: Daniel Debase & Federico
brand: Shelton
design origin: Denmark
measurement: Germany,Denmark,