Tolix Time

When you find solid manufacturer starts focusing on small housewares production ,which originally not their core of money matters, implys how desirable on reaching out good design with new generation.With the power of quality through experience . Here comes "Tolix Time"
Colourful Machine fold and bend Metal plate houses with German battery operating time movement , lets you spot accurately a well contrasted hou r/ min hands .

Combination on perforated metal and solid plate give a good hand to recall the postmodern graphical styles that meet up the latest look of time with all your interiors surfaces . And don't forget the half_half face could be adjusted 360°to point out a reminder on daily important moment like bed time , pill time or dog walking time.

designer: Kilian Schindler
brand: TOLIX
design origin: FRANCE
measurement: Approx 20ø x 8.5 D
material: Sheet Steel with Quality Oven Paint coated ( same as motor car paint coating quality )