Amber Bakelite Bracelet

Bakelite ,an early hard plastic , is popular on its Marble Patterned effects developed forTransiter Shell moulding with all kind of Art Decor Details. After polish work , Bakelite gives beautiful shiny surface. It has also been applying on Jewellery after war during 50's to meet up the recovering consumer market.
There are bakelite Jewellery combining causal gem stone and silver with nice crafty work could be found in auction house ranging from US 200 - 1200 .

Above a very classic Amber colour with subtle ox blood colour smoke pattern in
Round corner square outer shape. A perfect accessories goes with Camel colour
or Tana Lawn flowery Cotton if you fond on Sahara or LIBERTY classics .
Go Wild in contract with your Neon outfit , It works well too.

design origin: Great Britain
measurement: inner opening 7.5 . 7,5 cm / Otter Edge 9.5. 9.5 . 0.8
material: Bakelite