Children's Wallpaper

I had a farm in Africa. There lived lion, elephant, giraffe and zebra peacefully together with humans. Such harmony and togetherness can only be achieved with ‘Savanna’!
produced by quality Wallpaper Curator , the wallpaper made by nonwoven material washable that make sure hygiene from dirty little hands and mold for humid climent , printing is lightproof and with CECertified.
Suggest to have a partial wall area pattern for Kids Corner , Each package could furnish approximately 28 SQFT (2.6 SQMT ) . Glue instructions is attached with the package.
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designer: Telmo
design origin: Germany
measurement: 93 . 280 cm. W . H
material: Nonwoven wallpaper 150 g/m², matte finish, washable, lightproof, ce-certified