Cubic Bag - Messanger Bag

2 things that make this bag no ordinary - its Fabric & its Lock. Fabric is the same as used for soft-top convertibles: acrylic on the outside, polyester inside, and the interlay made of rubber and thus water-proof, cleanable, temperature-resistant, non-discolouring & stiff(no surface strain). The same material that used by Ferrari, Jaguar, Mercedes or Porsche. The lock was originally developed to secure the softtops of convertibles. When engaged, it guarantees absolute reliability & cannot open on its own. Pefect for A3 drawing and max book air carrying around on board

designer: Olaf Schroeder & Prof. Sabine Wald
brand: dothebag
design origin: Germany
measurement: 46 x 27 cm
material: Soft-top Convertible, Leather Torro