Suita Sofa

Suita Sofa is a most applicable sofa design in-corps with changing layout / growing headcounts, It ties up family to sit close together with various activities like ,
weekend reading and snapping ; family movie ;Children sharing, and even you could carry out home office work by adding the additional table shelf or make
Suita Sofa divide the living space with the additional self added as a console.
From popular starting unit Open armed two seater at HK $24,000 to 35 different sofa system elements , Suita comes with hard / soft foam and wide range of fabric / leather choice to meet up any personal colour , texture, body preferences.
a most recommending sofa piece by flea + cents for vintage /crossed cultures / pure modern interior styles

designer: Antonio Citterio
brand: Vitra
design origin: Swiss
material: Fabric and leather covers