Dedal Bookshelf

The bookcase is made of perforamed metal sheet and is available in vintage colours
reveal 50's feeling for Modern inteirors \ Reintroduct by Gubi in current years . Explore and enjoy displaying numbers of Dedal Shelf to form a pattern or just 2
to dress a humble corner. Horizontal mounting is good for Novels / CD / Family Photo or figure collection . Vertical position is good for Vertical small sculpture or trophy.
It is as well a nice open shelf for open kitchen or bathroom that gives charactors in form on wall. We cannot miss to tell you in final those little holes are in tiny squares performrated that cast very nice shadow against light spots.

designer: The Mategot collection
brand: GUBI
design origin: Denmark
measurement: 90.19.50H cm
material: square perforated metal / oven paint