flea + cents since 1996

flea + cents

Set up in the summer of 1996, with 21th years'of unchanging melody, all items in flea + cents are selected for their individuality &.originality from all around the world across Europe to Asia  Offering you an incredible mixture of contemporary designer pieces, vintage toys, collectables, ceramics, plus heaps more. Our members are all professionally trained designers to provide you with planning and styling services. Giving out shopping tips around town.We are striving to make your trip at the two flea+cents to be a synergy of ideas, an inspirational experience more than just a shopping spree.

wanchai home boutique

Tucked away from A 100 years Heritage facade through a modern calmality courtyard along the bustling short BURROWS ST. by WAN CHAI ROAD.You are one step closer to our treasure trove in heritage home editions branched in 2015     ( see opening hours at right >>> )

wong chuk hang 2ND CYCLE OUTLET STORE

To experience a contracting Ambient , 2nd Cycle outlet will be a perfect spot for vintage furniture and timeless homewares lovers . Regular attractive cut-off price events on trade-ins, off focus or dead stocks will be hosted in a charming deck up styled.A nutritious paradise for whom with endless ideas on giving all good designs a 2nd thought .a 2nd life cycle .            ( please make appointmentaside event period  >>> ) 

retail headquarter:
7-9 2/F ComixHomeBase 6-12 Burrows St.HongKong
T 852 2528 0808

B 8/F BT Centre 23 Wong Chuk Hang Rd. HongKong
T 852 2528 0801 on appointment only

WANCHAI 12:30 > 8:00 Tuesdays-Sundays
WONGCHUKHANG on appointment only
t  hotline 852 2528 0808