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Lazy Linda
put daily kitchen utensils well presenting on counter top , easy hand reach the
spatulas, ladles at high containers and storing spice jars, fine peelers, garlic crushers at low levels. It's unique ball bearing system let it be easily rotated to reach every pocket at Lazy Linda.
It is a perfects object to house flower arrangement and pocket of snack
for office reception or home for form 365 days of refreshing mood .

Now Lazy Linda from Royal VKB offers the perfect, practical solution!
This multipurpose rotatable holder is perfect for utensils, spice jars and all other daily necessities.

The compartments make organizing easier and prevents Lazy Linda becomes messy.
The low level is ideal for storing spice jars, fine peelers, garlic crushers, matches and various other small items.
Thanks to the unique ball bearing system Lazy Linda can be easily rotated and this makes the product extremely user friendly.

The sleek design combined with the ceramic 'look' gives Lazy Linda a solid yet pretty style.
Simon Wilkinson
Royal VKB
design origin
292 x 229 x 229 H.D.W mm
Polyresin, Oak, Glass
HKD 695.0